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Carrie Wallace
Executive Director

Carrie loved being the Majestic manager from June 2019 until it closed. She majored in nonprofit management at the George Washington University and served as Executive Director of a small nonprofit in DC while living there (Fields of Dreams). Before moving to Crested Butte in 2016, Carrie completed a Fulbright Scholarship teaching English in rural Thailand. She's played many roles in Crested Butte, from ski instructor to KBUT DJ and Performing Arts Manager at the Center for the Arts. Running the Majestic is her dream job.

Favorite Movies:

The Wizard of Oz, Heathers,

Heavyweights, & Holes

Favorite Concessions:

Sour Patch Watermelon

and a Dr. Pepper


Conrad Kaul
Assistant Director

A native Coloradan, Conrad graduated Western Colorado University in 2017 and has worked all over the valley. After some summers working commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, leading field research for Western, and guiding students on backpacking trips, Conrad couldn't stop coming back to the valley. He started working at the Majestic in 2018 and quickly became essential to the opertion. He is our resident fix-it professional, from computers to butter pumps - he makes magic happen. Running the Majestic is his dream job.

Favorite Movie:

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Favorite Concessions:

Gummy Bears and

a cold, light beer

Children of the Popcorn

Our Staff



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Suki Lou

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Board of Directors


Emily Girdwood

Emily Girdwood has loved the Majestic and Crested Butte since her first visit to the Valley in 1998. After obtaining a BA from Colorado College and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Regis University, Emily has dedicated her career to nonprofits and specifically nonprofit development. When not working or watching movies, Emily can be found mountain biking, skiing or teaching her dog, Taco, a new trick.


Favorite Movies:

The Princess Bride, Shaun of the Dead

Favorite Concessions:

Popcorn with lots of brewer’s yeast


Karen Hoskin

Karen Hoskin has been an entrepreneur for 24 years, mainly as the owner for the last 14 years of Montanya Distillers (rum distillery and bar) in Crested Butte.  She has been in the Colorado mountains for 21 years but originally hails from Maine.  Her kids grew up working at and going to the Majestic Theater.  It was her favorite date night with her husband, so Karen is dedicated to helping bring the Majestic back to life.  


Jessy Hill
Board Secretary

Jessy Hill moved to Crested Butte in 2016 from the East Coast and has been a movie lover since the long gone days of the dollar theater. She owns Uphill Motorworks in Riverland with her husband Nick. 

Favorite Movies:

The Fifth Element, You’ve Got Mail, Alien 

Favorite Concessions:

Junior Mints + Popcorn


Jennifer Reeb
Board Treasurer

Jennifer Reeb has a background in classical ballet, theatre and independent film. She has written, produced, directed and acted in shorts and features, including The Sideways Light and Wiggle, which collectively played at dozens of prestigious film festivals. Jenn is the owner of The Movement Center in Crested Butte, where she teaches classical Pilates.


Favorite Movies:

Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pitch Perfect movies, and all the horror movies - from The Shining to The Conjuring! Also, Sci-fi and space movies like Alien and The Martian. Ooh ooh! And comedies like The Heat and Superbad. I also love musicals - The Sound of Music and Spielberg’s West Side Story blew me away!


Favorite Concessions:

Popcorn + Wine


Morgan Weinberg
Board President

Morgan Weinberg is co-founder and managing partner of Romp Skis LLC and serves as a director of Gunnison County Electric Association. Morgan first moved to Crested Butte from NH in 1996 but left two years later to pursue his interest in filmmaking. He lived in Vancouver, B.C.
and graduated from The Vancouver Film School. While in B.C. he worked several years in film and television. Finding city life unappealing Morgan returned to Crested Butte in 2006 and along with older brother Caleb, founded Romp Skis in 2010. Morgan lives with his wife Heather and their son Ebbet in Mt. Crested Butte.

Favorite Movie:

Jackie Brown


Favorite Concession:

Junior Mints

Headshot Zillow-1 (1).jpg

Trevor Bona

Trevor Bona has called this valley home for a decade. Prior to moving to Crested Butte, Trevor worked in North Carolina for one of the most respected and diversified commercial real estate services firms in the US, Lincoln Property Company. In three short years, Trevor gained invaluable experience in the commercial market including commercial retail, office, and industrial transactions. Lincoln Property helped solidify Trevor's predilection for real estate. Currently, Trevor works with Bluebird Real Estate. He is also a certified and licensed FAA commercial drone operator, enabling the intersection of his two passions, photography and real estate. 

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