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The Majestic Theatre is the only cinema in the Gunnison Valley. Let’s keep it here.

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     The re-imagined Majestic Theatre serves to entertain, educate, and inspire the Gunnison Valley through new movies, local films, community events and collaborations.


     We harness the power of movies to provide an escape or a learning experience for all members of the Gunnison Valley. By creating more opportunity for local events, the Majestic operates as an essential community resource.


​The Majestic Theatre operates as a commercial movie theater, serving as the only cinema in an 81 mile radius. As former employees of the Majestic pre-Covid, we take great pride in preserving the charm of the Majestic, with some slight tweaks to better serve our unique community.

We show new Hollywood movies in 2 of our 3 theaters.  We sign movie contracts based on community interest, harnessing the power of social media to figure out what films our valley is dying to see. 

​Our third theater is dedicated to being rented for an affordable rate, available 7 days a week. Potential uses of this event theater are birthday parties, karaoke nights, hosting Sweaty Kids Film Festival, Matchstick movie nights, Saturday morning cartoons, fundraisers for other local organizations, live streams, and so much more!


Concession-wise, we partner with different local businesses to enhance our food options.We serve First Asecent coffee, Jamie's Jerky, Ranger Chocolate from The Chocolate Enthusiast, and Big B's Juices.

We also engage the local arts community by commissioning local artists to design our merchandise each year. All around, the Majestic continues to serve as a pillar of entertainment and culture in our community.



How do you measure the impact of a single movie theatre? Do you remember the first movie you ever saw on the big screen? Maybe it was at the Majestic? Do you remember your first date to the movies? How many movies have you left feeling renewed, inspired, or changed? Movie theaters are a space for people to think and be present, or to escape reality, or to gain independence, or to bring families together, to eat popcorn, to laugh, to cry, to feel, to learn. Don't forget, the Majestic is the only movie theatre in a 2 hour radius of Crested Butte!

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of storytelling to create change. Crested Butte can be an isolating place, and oftentimes we get lost in our own town and forget about what's going on in the outside world. We believe it is essential to bring different perspectives to our valley, and potentially help community members develop empathy for people we don’t often encounter in our corner of the world.

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