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A huge thank you to the generous members of our Founder's Circle who donated over $204,000 to help us reopen.

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The Stevens Family
Mary Beth & Scott Kelley
Mark Reeb
Big Al's Bicycle Heaven
Tom & Shannon Mahaffey
J. Benjamin McLoughlin
Timothy Parker M.D.
Beth Parker
Betty & Dave Schneider

Town of Crested Butte

Scott Arnink
Monica Ariowitsch & Suzanne Pierson

Diana Cashen
Portia Cohen
Hal + Ros Cook
Donald Downing
Ryan Downing

Michael Droege
Phil Esposito

Karen Hoskin
The Jennison Family
Bob Valentine & Steve Bolton
Gail Richards

Will Jarvis
Louise Pentland & Dirk Williamson 
Gagen & Stanley Family

The Jennings Family
William Matzelle

Louisa Naughton
Chris Ray

Shannon + Eric Richards
Josh Scholten
Christy & John Segal
The Qualls Family

Vicki Unger
Karen & Skip Wallace
Sasa Watt

Morgan Weinberg
Mary Whitley
The Crested Butte Fund
Margaux & Gregg Helvey
Arell Family
Bill & Anita Vallett

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