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Children of the Popcorn

We call ourselves Children of the Popcorn for obvious reasons. Working at the Majestic is a unique experience that tends to create strong bonds. We are lucky enough to have had our co-workers become great friends.

The Children of the Popcorn all began with our former manager, Paden Kelley. Paden's grandparents bought land up Ohio Creek in the 70s, overlooking the Castles. Attending movies at the Majestic was a beloved family tradition for the Barber-Kelley clan. Paden moved to Crested Butte full time in 2016 and started working at the Majestic in 2017. Paden cultivated a spirit of inclusion, creativity, and support amongst Majestic staff members. He appropriately coined the name "the Children of the Popcorn" and ordered us all matching patches. In March 2019, Paden tragically passed away after successfully completing chemotherapy treatments for testicular cancer.


We love the Majestic because Paden taught us to, and we work to save it because he wouldn't want to see it go.


The Children outside the Majestic for Paden's (front and center) birthday

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